Technological slaves

campesino” Today the people does not value the real things , but across the images that they has of them. They knows about the facts with the selected images that the television serves him and forms judgments with the words that he listens to a commentator. The world has become big and is far. And the mass media, though seemingly they bring the things over, what they do actually is to apart it from them. Because they make us believe that everything is there, within reach of our hand, and that everything we can include and assimilate it. They provide to us the culture of the botched job, of the stained averages, of the superficial thing, of the ambiguous thing. They teach us the art of knowing everything, without knowing nothing.

A medieval man, in a little village, had a small, tiny, but familiar and known world. He knew the smell of his land and the weight of every stone with which he had raised his house. He knew every neighbor, every domestic animal, every house, every tree, every path. And though his world was very small, he was more nearby that we of the universe. He had an opinion of the things felt, lived, felt and smelt, whereas to us atrofian the senses the printed inks and the cathode beams of the television ”

I wrote these lines in an article for the magazine Communication in June, 1975. Today, 38 years later, it seems to me that they are more in force than never, because to the media noise of then the whole informative tsunami of Internet has added to finish of complicating everything.

We have to our scope all the possible information, but every time we have less time to assimilate it. So we are reducing our culture to the common places that share the masses. Million of contents overfly our heads, scratching our brain without penetrating in him.

We have learned to handle a few technological instruments that give us the sensation of being able to include everything, but actually we are not any more than slaves than this technology. A species of magic wand that brings the things over, but that does not allow us to have them, to feel them and to assimilate them, because his magic is too fast for our limited aptitude to handle the time.

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